Our Platform

From filing court documents to arranging service of process, do it all without leaving your desk. Technology makes it possible. We have the answers.

What can our technology do for you?

We’re bringing tech to legal with the first all-encompassing litigation support services system. All elements of Legalex's system are integrated and driven by our dynamic, proprietary software. Our system allows case data to flow and evolve virtually through every step of the filing and serving process.

Automate your firm

  • One-button click to simply create orders for process service and court service
  • Document templates and automated workflows reduce errors, and improve consistency
  • Automate common tasks and processes such as ordering requests and status updating
  • Signed, notarized, and filed Affidavits are automatically sent into the correct case file daily – no scanning needed

Gain more time

  • Enter case information one time only and one-click service ordering from your current system
  • Receive information in the background while you work on more pressing matters
  • No more calls, emails, and reminders to check on status updates
  • Retrieve and save Affidavits automatically into your current system
  • Invoice charges are automatically sent to each client file instantaneously
  • Automatically receive updates and completed documents seamlessly in the background while you focus on winning your cases without arduous distractions

Do it your way

  • Use your current system. No need to go to login to a vendor's website
  • Set alerts and receive information according to your schedule and needs
  • All service orders are automatically sent and tracked transparently through YOUR current system. No need to visit yet another vendor's website

Integrate with your case management software

Legalex works side by side with your existing systems for security and ease.

Works as a standalone platform

Use Legalex as a standalone platform for start-to-finish solutions for smaller firms.

Can be integrated into any custom software

Our API lets you plug Legalex into existing software and tools for scalability and adaptability.

Built-in integrations

We integrate with top case management software, and are adding new integrations all the time. Have a specific integration you'd like to see? Or need a custom integration? Contact Us.

It all comes down to more efficiency, better reliability, and reduced costs.