Mid to Large Firms

Everything You Need to Go Big

Legalex uses cutting-edge technology to make your legal services workflow go faster and do more. These innovations help you deliver never-before-seen advancements for complex tasks and large teams. We make it possible to go big with unprecedented speed and accuracy.


We make it easy to synchronize, harmonize, and manage a complex web of tasks. There is no challenge too big for our technology to take on.


When even a small mistake can cost millions, you need partners that always deliver. Legalex reinforces human expertise with technical solutions so you know that the job is being done right.


We can help you eliminate the waste and redundancies that hurt growing firms. Our technology makes it easier than ever to target your resources where they are most needed.

What Our Clients Say

Thank goodness we have experts like you on our team now! Sooooo glad you are handling this for us.
Debra Cross


Aylstock, Witkin, Kreis & Overholtz

No matter what your role is, Legalex can help.


The results you need, when you need them. You can count on Legalex to come through in the most high pressure situations, accurately and on time.


Imagine solutions that make your job easier and help you deliver wins. Double down on efficiency and make decisions guided by knowledge.

Firm Managers / IT

Provide your team with tools and technology that empowers them to do more.

Integrate with your case management software

Legalex works side by side with your existing systems for security and ease.

Works as a standalone platform

Use Legalex as a standalone platform for start-to-finish solutions for smaller firms.

Can be integrated into any custom software

Our API lets you plug Legalex into existing software and tools for scalability and adaptability.

Built-in integrations

We integrate with top case management software, and are adding new integrations all the time. Have a specific integration you'd like to see? Or need a custom integration? Contact Us.

It all comes down to more efficiency, better reliability, and reduced costs.