Investigative Services

Intelligence on Tap

  • Ready When You Need It

    We start working for you the moment we receive your call or message for investigative or skip tracing services. From Corporate due diligence to public records and competitive research: we can make it happen.

  • Worldwide and On Your Side

    We have created a successful and effective international network that helps us access up-to date nationwide databases.

  • No Stone Left Unturned

    Our highly professional and specialized analysts do more than locate companies and individuals, they develop a strategy to make it happen fast.

Integrate with your case management software

Legalex works side by side with your existing systems for security and ease.

Works as a standalone platform

Use Legalex as a standalone platform for start-to-finish solutions for smaller firms.

Can be integrated into any custom software

Our API lets you plug Legalex into existing software and tools for scalability and adaptability.

Built-in integrations

We integrate with top case management software, and are adding new integrations all the time. Have a specific integration you'd like to see? Or need a custom integration? Contact Us.

It all comes down to more efficiency, better reliability, and reduced costs.