Court Services

Streamline Your Flow

  • Everywhere You Need to Be

    Our experienced team will file your documents in both state and federal courts. 

  • Our Network on Your Side

    All Legalex offices and support staff share the same commitment to providing consistent, high-quality service. 

  • Real People, Real Results

    Our staff communicates with court managers and other staff members to give you real time status updates. When something happens, you’ll know about it.

Integrate with your case management software

Legalex works side by side with your existing systems for security and ease.

Works as a standalone platform

Use Legalex as a standalone platform for start-to-finish solutions for smaller firms.

Can be integrated into any custom software

Our API lets you plug Legalex into existing software and tools for scalability and adaptability.

Built-in integrations

We integrate with top case management software, and are adding new integrations all the time. Have a specific integration you'd like to see? Or need a custom integration? Contact Us.

It all comes down to more efficiency, better reliability, and reduced costs.